Wednesday, September 26, 2007

musings without direction

I begin writing this entry without knowing exactly where it'll end up. something to consider about this, everything i write must be done under the assumption that everyone will read it. this is not some sort of egotistical bend; rather, what you write and post is there indefinitely. at the law school, the student email list serve has been cluttered with a discussion about a man who took down and ripped a mexican american flag which was flying in honor of mexican independence day (i think i got the facts right). one student posted a message the accused flag ripper posted on myspace. it was ripe with his opinions of hispanics. not good. so, with that in mind, i'm less likely to discuss things of consequence. but in the end, is anything of consequence?

every once in a while, my head hurts. not like a head ache, but some pulsing sharp pain. i feel powerless when i get the pain. for other pains, like muscles or skin, you can exercise a degree of control over it. but, when the vessels in your head start acting strange, time to brace for impact.

alright, status update. second year of law school. easier to manage, will get a lot busier. have a writing topic that can't take the traditional wackenheim all-nighter. gonna have to front load that project. paula and i are good. she's getting back tonight. i'm waiting for her to call now so I can leave the law school and pick her up.

other than that, not much happening. i'm getting older my the moment. one day, i won't be able to hack it anymore. until then. . .

Sunday, September 16, 2007


i used to be a better goalie.