Sunday, May 28, 2006

leg talk

this is my leg. there are many like it but this one is mine.

not so good

scene deleted

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


if my blogging was consistent, i wouldn't have to provide reasoning for creating a new post. as it is, i am in denver on a field trip with my 8th grade students. tonight is the last night, we will eat dinner at the staple pintado restaurant - old country buffet - and then relax at the hotel. i will most likey pummel some weaker children in the pool then retire to a night of sim city. i'd like to think i've worked hard to get here. i'll return to school thursday night, rush to see paula, say my farewells to the kiddos the next day, and hope to dodge unpleasant company in a bbq on friday. then goodbyes to paula and a long car ride with two pets across the country. perhaps i should feel a little more reflective at times like this. there are so many things in the next three days that i will be doing for my last time. still, i seem to live in the present. one last summer in the sun at the deck, and then air conditioned homework sessions with big law school books. oh yeah bob. until next time.

Friday, May 12, 2006

end of the line

i am sitting in my classroom, manually decomposing my last three years of work and effort. with a simple depression of the delete key, i erase my blood, sweat and tears of teaching from the computer. i am about to cleanse my classroom and prepare it for the next soul to enter my profession. i'm going to miss this lifestyle. yes teachers work hard, and yes we have a near impossible task out here, but i'll miss my free time. its time to give this law thing a whirl.

oh yeah, just so i don't forget, yesterday i blabbed a fairly significant secret of one of my friends all over. i did it without thinking; i had forgotten it was privledged knowledge. sometimes i am such a knuckle head. i hope this doesn't do permant damage.

time to destroy the last three years of work . . .