Thursday, July 29, 2010

OKC - Settled in

I've settled in for the most part in Oklahoma City. I moved here for a new job in June and I've been here for a month or so. I'm afraid I've fallen off my training a bit. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, there's a ton of stuff you have to do when you move 500 or so hundred miles and start a new job. Its really tiring and time consuming.

Second, I have just figured out places to work out. There's Lake Hefner near by (but don't blow through the stop signs, or you'll get a ticket like I did), and Lake Arcadia with open water swims. I took part in a 100k bike ride in Norman, so I've learned a couple places to bike. I think I'll join the Y for some consistent and convenient swimming, but that's a few paychecks away.

The third reason for falling off the training is the weather. Holy smokes its hot and humid. The sun doesn't rise until 6 or so, and it sets around 9, which makes it hard to avoid the heat. I've resorted to hot lunch runs, I've done two so far (one) and (two).

Finally, nutrition. I've been eating like crap. There's no excuse apart from laziness and novelty.

Tomorrow I think I'll try to ride to work. Its about 9 miles. And this weekend is the La Luz trail run. I lotteried into it. I've wanted to race it for awhile, but I'm afraid moving to the lower altitude and my fall off the training wagon will make Sunday's race hard. It'll be nice to return to New Mexico.

One more thing, I'm training for the Redman. Here's hoping I can get into form by September.

I'm hoping to have a training plan in place within a week.