Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gallup Triathlon Part II

I like doing this triathlon thing because I'm starting to repeat races. I raced Gallup last year with my friend Nat, who is now on to bigger and better things (although he should be back for Farmington). Here's a pic from the race last year (before I had a tri top):

Last year's times:
 Total     Swim     T1    Bike     T2      Run  
1:13:50    6:51    0:48   41:00    1:05   24:03

This year's times:
 Total     Swim     T1    Bike     T2      Run  
1:09:55    6:31    0:48   38:55    0:51   22:46 

Overall, pretty good improvement. I chalk it up to the training. As for the race itself . . .

I woke up at 4AM and put together two mugs of coffee, two bagels, and a breakfast drink for the 2hr drive to Gallup. I got there around 6ish, entirely too early. I picked out a spot for the bike, and tried to pass the time waiting for the start. On the drive over, one of the pads on my aero bars blew off somewhere on I-40. I rigged up a spare pair of socks over the arm rest. Worked out alright.

It was a snake style seeded pool start, with a 20 sec interval. I was surprised that I was the 5th person to start. I waited to get passed in the pool, but it never happened. I didn't have a super time, and I was pretty winded after the swim. I think I was inefficient in my stroke.

Once out on the bike, I felt terrible going up the hills. Absolutely awful. Again, I waited to be passed, but it never happened. My computer pooped out 3 miles in, so I really didn't know how I was doing.

Out on the run, I felt alright to start, but was crushed by the San Fran style hill on the course. I kept my effort up all the way to the top, but had to walk for a few seconds. I was suprised I ran a sub 23 5k after the walking. I was pleased to finish under 1:10.

If the race was scored like last year (with top three finishers overall as ineligible for age group awards), I would have placed first in 25-29! Third wasn't bad either, but is a little strange when you finish 6th overall.

I really like coming back to Gallup. I spent three years of my life on the reservation, teaching social studies at a BIA (now BIE) school. It would have been nice to spend more time there, but I had to get back after the race. It was good to see a couple friends from the old days running the race.

Up next - Farmington Triathlon on 7/4. And a lot of studying for the bar. But not too much.