Friday, May 12, 2006

end of the line

i am sitting in my classroom, manually decomposing my last three years of work and effort. with a simple depression of the delete key, i erase my blood, sweat and tears of teaching from the computer. i am about to cleanse my classroom and prepare it for the next soul to enter my profession. i'm going to miss this lifestyle. yes teachers work hard, and yes we have a near impossible task out here, but i'll miss my free time. its time to give this law thing a whirl.

oh yeah, just so i don't forget, yesterday i blabbed a fairly significant secret of one of my friends all over. i did it without thinking; i had forgotten it was privledged knowledge. sometimes i am such a knuckle head. i hope this doesn't do permant damage.

time to destroy the last three years of work . . .

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