Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the grind

so here i am in one of my two days off from work at the deck. its been taking a toll on my physically. i don't get to work out as much, although i've ridden to work twice so far. i like doing that. but, paula and i have been struggling as of late. she's down for a number of reasons, and my schedule is not conducive to an active phone relationship. i decided not to carry my cell phone one night and she became concerned that she was unable to contact me. it really upset her. i handled the whole thing in the wrong manner. still, we talked it over and worked it out. she's feeling better, and we both can't wait to see each other. right now i'm looking for some apartments. and tomorrow, i get to take my mom to philadelphia for an immigration meeting. hopefully she won't get deported. that would seriously suck. thursday the fun starts again at the deck. oh yeah bob.

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