Saturday, August 08, 2009

Gila recovery trip

I took a break from life in general and headed down to the Gila Wilderness for a few days. Ja'dii and I hiked the Middle Fork Trail to the Meadows, and then hiked over Big Bear Canyon to the West Fork trail.

It sure was a good time. Just me and the dog for a few days - dodging rattlesnakes (actually, only one; see evidence below) and avoiding bears and lightening.

Sure I missed a bunch of workouts, and sure my long run this morning suffered, but I'd like to think it recharged me. I start my real job-type job on Monday. It involves commuting to Santa Fe for the foreseeable future. I'm concerned about getting my workouts in with the schedule. Any tips? I'm planning on swimming a few days during lunch up there at a city pool. Should I workout before the day starts (like 5AM?) or should I wing it in the evening? Decisions decisions. A few days ago, all I had to decide was when to stop hiking and munch on some jerky.


Linda said...

Triguy, Glad you enjoyed the Gila - - it is a wonderful place to escape to and recharge. Only one rattlesnake? Not bad! ; )

BTW, I say you train in the AM - - my thinking is that if anything happens, you have all day to resolve. If you are out hiking in eth PM and get turned around, night fall comes too fast!

Linda said...

Triguy, I just read a few of your posts - Brooklyn, eh? My husband is from Bensenhurst. We've lived at the foot of the Gila for 9 years now. East coast - -nice place to be from!