Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 5 and an Idiot Mistake

Training this week got a little tougher with the addition of another commitment - indoor soccer. I agreed to play on a team at work before the schedule was finalized.  I figured we'd play at night.  Well, we sort of play at night.  But we also play in the early morning.  Our first game started at 11:50 PM.  The second half didn't start until the following day.  So, needless to say, I'm going to have to figure out how to handle a disjointed sleeping scheduling right in the middle of the week.

As for the Idiot Mistake referenced in the title, you'll have to read on to see my blunder.

Holiday lights in Nichols Hills as seen on bike commute

Morning Swim: (was late to pool, only got 1000 in; 25:00)

Lunch Run (4.5 mi; 37:28; 7:30 min/mi)
Evening Bike (so dark and a little rainy.  went slow out of self-preservation. 21 mi; 1:15; 16.7mph )

Bike Commute (17.3 mi; 1:07; 15.4 mph)
Soccer game (50 min)

Lunchtime lift
Evening Run (7 mi; 1:01; 8:45 min/mi)

Lunch swim (36:00; 2000 yds)
Evening Treadmill Run (4 mi; 33:00; 8:14 min/mi)

Easy morning Run (8 mi; 1:10; 8:40 min/mi)

Well, I thought I was going to run in a 10k race today, but it turns out the race was on Saturday.  What an idiot.  Somewhere in my weekly planning, I thought the race was on Sunday.  I never checked it for sure, and on Sunday morning, I spent a few minutes driving around looking for the start line.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Granted, I'm the same guy who once showed up to the airport a day late for a flight.
Decided to salvage an epic fail with a quick trail run.
Morning trail run: (37:38; 3.74 mi; 9:59 min/mi [I went slow, but I didn't realize that slow]

Swim (two workouts; 3000 yds; 1h)
Bike (two workouts; 38 mi; 2h 22 min)
Run (five workouts; 27.25 mi; 4h)
Total (eleven workouts; 7h 22 min + other workouts)

Thoughts: Having the soccer game in the middle of the week screwed the my weekly plan up in two respects.  (1) my sleep pattern was off and (2) I was sore.  Real sore.  This week, I'll focus on getting morning workouts in. 

Even bigger display of holiday lights in Nichols Hills (although blurry)


Tri Sam said...

Duude. Sorry you missed you race.
Hey, if you haven't already, check in on the Ironman Louisville Forum thread.

mediumtriguy said...

Tri Sam - Its a good thing I planned on race day registration. Thanks for the beginnertriathlete info.