Monday, May 30, 2011

Bottom of the Hill

Do you know that feeling when you see a long, steep hill approaching on a bike ride? Usually, you're coming down a little downhill awaiting the incline of the rise to take your speed away. Soon, you're going to have to start pedaling. Worse still, you'll have to downshift and put a little extra effort in to get over that hill.

Well, I'm just about at the bottom of the hill. You see, I'm about to begin studying for the bar exam while continuing my Ironman Louisville training. And, I'm working a 40 hour a week job. Doubtlessly, the next 8 weeks until the bar exam is going to require downshifting, getting out of the saddle, and cranking up the effort.

I think I'll be OK. My job has allowed me to put in 4 ten hour days, thus freeing up one day. I've also put together a schedule that should allow me to manage my time. I've gotten pretty good at getting early morning workouts in.  Plus, I've got the NM bar experience under my belt, so I know exactly how ugly the test will be.

I should be up the hill in no time.

Speaking of hills, Paula and I climbed our fair share of climbing this past weekend during the Tour de Meers.

Paula completed the 22 mile route, while I did the metric century. It was hot and a little windy.

(Wind farm in the distance)

The route was a scenic tour through the Witchita Mountains in Oklahoma.  The organizers did a good job ferrying us over cattle guards and supplying watered down gatorade.  I would have finished strong except for my miscalculation.  I thought the ride was 62 miles, but it was 68.  So, pushing it hard around miles 58/59 was not a good idea.  Still, I know I need more time on the bike.

Here's a quick (and windy) video after the finish.

Up next: A Splash and Dash at Lake El Reno, the Route 66 Olympic Triathlon, and Buffalo Springs 70.3.  Oh yeah, and a whole lot of studying.

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Paula said...

You'll be up this hill in no time. I have full confidence in your ability to do it!