Monday, July 04, 2011

Tour de Payne

I completed my first century today.  I then I rode 4 more miles.  This morning was the Tour de Payne.  Here's my Garmin data:
Moving time: 5:43; Avg speed: 18.1 mph

It was a good ride.  There were a bunch of rolling hills and it got fairly hot toward the end.  There were well-stocked aid stations.  As for the ride itself, it was crowded until the 60 and 100 milers split off. Afterwards, it was fairly lonely out there.  One thing I learned - roadies don't like getting passed by solo triathletes.  Nearly every group I passed decided to crank it up a bit and repass me a little later.  That's fine and all, but it got annoying when those groups would then slow down in front of me.  No big deal though, everyone was friendly.

I was planning on going for a quick jog after the ride, but I was feeling pressed for time (and my legs wanted the afternoon off).

So, century completed. Now, more bar studying and triathlon training.  But first, being the Fourth and all, it's time to drink beer and blow up cheap Chinese gunpowder. 

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