Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly progress (8/23-8/29)

Fairly good week with a few interuptions.

Monday: Yoga in morning; OWS at Arcadia Lake (bike in, 3 laps, 40 minutes total)
Tuesday: Morning run (41:42, 4.86mi, 8:35 pace); No bike commute (raining and court)
Wednesday: Commute to work (31:50, 8.53mi, 16.1mph); Commute home (38:38, 9.04 mi, 14.0mph)
Thursday: Commute to work (33:23; 8.57mi, 15.4mph); Lunch run (47:55, 6.05mi, 7:55 pace); Commute home (34:08; 8.48mi, 14.9mph)
Friday: Morning run (49:43, 5.59mi, 8:54 pace)
Saturday: Long ride (3:52:16; 66.51mi; 17.2mph); brick run(12:43; 1.62mi, 7:51 pace)
Sunday: Long run (1:38:19; 11.17mi; 8:48 pace)

Totals: 29.29mi running; 101 miles biking; 40 min swim

Thoughts: I need to get up when the alarm goes off. I feel pretty good about the week's workout, but I'd like to get a week night bike in. Swimming is super limited too, so I need to make Monday nights worth it. Birthday on Wednesday messed up a planned run. Ate more junk than I needed to.

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