Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Progress

New goal: post training progress from the week.

Monday: 35 min. OWS at Arcadia.
Tuesday: easy 1:15 run.
Wed: Bike commute to work. Yoga at lunch.
Thu:Bike commute to work. Missed lunch run.
Fri: 4 mi lunch run.
Sat: 60ish miles nice and steady. Disappointed in avg speed, but I have nowhere to go, but up. Felt real sluggish on hills. Good rolling hills out there. Followed up the ride with a quick brick 10 min run.
Sun: Planned 2 hour run around Hefner. Left too late. 5 miles in started walking. Ran out of water, but refilled at water fountain. Once I started walking, it was all over. So hot, my shoes were sweat logged. Not a good run at all.

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