Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 2

This Wednesday, we leave for New Mexico to see family and friends for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to it. I'm also eager to see what its like to run at altitude after being in OKC for a few months. Paula and I are running a Turkey Trot together on Wednesday. Just a little 5K. Don't expect a PR out of this race.

Lunch Swim: 1700 total; 30 minutes

Bike Commute to work (32:17; 8.60 mi; 16.0 mph)
Lunch Run (33:19; 4.24 mi; 7:51 min/mi)
Bike Commute from work (32:21; 8.42 mi; 15.6 mph)

(no bike commute because of car issues)
Morning run (47:46; 6.00 mi; 7:57 min/mi)
Afternoon swim (25*100 @ 1:45/100yd; 2500 total)

Bike Commute to and from work (1:02:34; 17.10 mi; 16.4 mph)
(no lunch run because of work engagement)
Indoor soccer (30 min)

none (sore from soccer)

Easy Run (42:26; 4.77 mi; 8:54 min/mi)
Easy Bike (1:13:13; 21.63 mi; 17.7 mph [so windy!])

Long run (1:42:14; 12.01 mi; 8:30 min/mi)

Swim (two workouts; 4200 yds; 1h 15min)
Bike (three workouts; 56 mi; 3h 20min)
Run (four workouts; 27 mi; 3h 45 min)
Total (nine workouts; 8h 20 min)

Thoughts on the week: I missed a couple workout because of work stuff, not waking up promptly, and being sore from playing soccer. I'm going to work on waking up on time.

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