Monday, March 21, 2011

Training days

The past few weeks have marked a transition into full on Ironman training.  After the Cowtown Marathon, I've eased back into the first phase of my plan. So far, so good.  Here's my standard week for the next few weeks:
Recovery day, maybe some yoga

Bike Commute, AM Swim, Lunch Weight Training, PM Run

Bike Commute / Brick Run

AM Swim; PM Bike Ride

AM Run; Lunch Weight Training

AM Bike Ride, PM Run

AM Long Run

I'm planning on running the Oklahoma City Marathon on May 1, so I'll need to amp the running up a bit.  The hardest part of the training right now is to go slow.  Apparently, IM training is all about building slow, long endurance.  After all, I'll be "racing" for at least 10 hours.  So, keeping my heart rate low means swallowing my pride when it comes to the paces/speeds I'm running.

Also, I had a freak injury over the weekend.  Paula and I traveled to Tulsa to see Boston University beat lose to Kansas.  On the way, I noticed a discomfort in my upper back.  Many hours later, I learned it was a strained rhomboid muscle.  It hurt like the dickens.  I'm just now feeling normal.  I hope tomorrow's swim goes well.

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